Ultimate Linked In Resource & Templates

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Good news: for now at least, LinkedIn is like Facebook was in the 2007 glory days. Any average nobody can get 30k views with no paid promotion. And there’s so much poorly crafted content that the cream has a chance to rise to the top. This guide will show you how.

Our ultimate guide to growing a network on LinkedIn with no tricks or algorithm hacks. Just our tried-and-tested (and LinkedIn-approved!) communication methods. Optimize your profile with our tips and checklists, then strategize your content and find your unique voice. We've also included 55 unique post starters & ideas, LinkedIn outreach messaging templates to make more & better connections, and audience building techniques that help your connections convert to customers.

In this guide:

  • How to optimise your profile
  • Do I need LinkedIn Premium?
  • Posting on LinkedIn: the when & the how
  • Creating a strategy for better posts
  • 55 post starters and ideas
  • What not to post
  • How to pitch through LinkedIn
  • 6 things you can do to improve your LinkedIn game now

Who are we?

Hi! We’re Publicover & Co, a sales communication agency.

We don't teach you how to sell. We help your services sell themselves. 

We invent niches, design differentiation, re-structure services & craft communications to take convincing out of your sales process. Our work gains you more qualified leads, shortens your sales cycle and makes it easy to connect with customers and win lifelong buy-in. We created this resource library to share our top tips and tricks that will revolutionize your business, at an accessible price. 

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Ultimate Linked In Resource & Templates

5 ratings
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