Lead Generating Content that Works

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Eventually, your new business has to come from somewhere besides referrals. But how do you attract new leads? With lead generating content.

We've templated the approach we use for clients to build landing pages AND opt-in tools that actually create customers. It's a step-by-step guide that includes gathering proof that you've chosen the right concept, what to put on your landing page, and everything you need to know to make it work.

There's even a 'before you launch' checklist to make sure you've set your tool up for success.

Why didn't your last opt-in make the sales you were hoping for? We've included a troubleshooting guide to tell you exactly why.

In this guide:

  • What is a lead gen tool?
  • How to validate your lead gen idea in 4 steps
  • How to write the perfect opt-in page
  • Troubleshooting: when your lead-gen tool doesn’t work
  • Sharing your lead-gen tool on social media

Who are we?

Hi! We’re Publicover & Co, a sales communication agency.

We don't teach you how to sell. We help your services sell themselves. 

We invent niches, design differentiation, re-structure services & craft communications to take convincing out of your sales process. Our work gains you more qualified leads, shortens your sales cycle and makes it easy to connect with customers and win lifelong buy-in. We created this resource library to share our top tips and tricks that will revolutionize your business, at an accessible price. 

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Lead Generating Content that Works

5 ratings
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